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1 for 1

Location: United States of America




*1 for 1 is a suggestion for family members to 
become a whole in one place.

Family is society's primary form of unity. As designers, one of our main concerns should be protecting this social unity.Activities which family members perform within their gatherings would increase their social skills. At this point, a kitchen design gains an important role and acts as an environment to socialize. 

Cooking and eating "together" are activities that are quite spiritual as well as pleasurable. Each family member will be able to participate to these activities, thus increase the amount of communication. It is for this reason that the main element of my design is an island type counter, placed at the center of the kitchen.

The island type counter acts as a platform to socialize. Thanks to this counter, rather than staring at the wall, family members have the opportunity to be face to face while working. All activities are performed on the island type counter therefore all members have the chance to keep contact and increase their communication. In addition, they will have the pleasure to cook together and help each other while working. We eat together so why not cook together?

I offer all members of the family the occasion to benefit from the power of coexisting and cohabiting together. Considering the potential of a kitchen and the needs of a contemporary family, I present to you 1 for 1*.

This proposal was made for the Electrolux Kitchen Design Competition 08.