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“Q.ball” is a ceiling hanging cabinet. It is an inspiration from Mini Cooper and Vespa’s pleasurable lifestyle. It is a ball made up of 4 elements: a static metal hanger attached to the ceiling, the body which is a case of acrylic, a cover (inside the body) and 2 shelves (inside the cover). All three ele- ments, the case, the cover and the shelves can revolve around the same axis of the hanger.  “Q.ball” consists of a single ball, yet the user can increase its quantity according to their need and desire. It can freely be positioned within the household as it isn’t dependent on any walls . Moreover, As its quantity increases it can even serve as a wall: a group of “Q.balls” can be used as a dividing element within the room there- fore serving both of its partitions. It can be used within all areas of the residence